Our Services

We have executed numerous turnkey projects for water supply, piping network, oily water sewage for ONGC, High pressure Low pressure piping running to more than 20 kilometers for RCI under M/s. Lloyds Registrar as third party Inspection Agency. The company got repeat orders for the same, which are also completed.

We had been chosen by the Director, Programme-AD for ceramic lining of flame deflectors for Prithvi and their other missile Launchers. This ablative resistant coating proved superior to the expected results and the company bagged repeated order for the same.

We have been the primary Operation and Maintenance contractor for the Carbon-Carbon Densification Plant for production of Carbon-Carbon composites at RCI (value of the plant is more than 20 crores) from the last 11 years.

  • Hot Isostatic Press working at 1000 bar pressure and 800°C temperature both occurring simultaneously.-2 Nos.
  • Graphitizer furnace working up to 2600°C-3 Nos.
  • Carbonization furnace-3 Nos.
  • Vac./ Pr. Impregnator Furnace-2 Nos.
  • Utilities consisting of Cooling system, N2 Gas pipeline and Air compressor.-2 Nos.
  • Press for compacting forming (Press I & Press II)-2 Nos.
  • Working at 1000 bar pressure and 1000° C both occurring simultaneously
  • Auxiliary systems -2 Nos.
  • Hydraulic pressure tester (UPTO 1500 BAR)-1 Nos.
  • High pressure Compressors of Hydropac make-6 Nos.
    • DG set 300KVA-2 Nos.

Operation, Repair & Maintenance of 3 Nos. Autoclaves, 750KVA & 160 KVA DG Sets, Vacuum pumps, Cooling tower, Pneumatic Airlines etc. for production of missile components (Value of the plant is more than 6 Crores)

The company got repeat orders for the same from the last 9 years, which are also completed.

Operation, Repair & Maintenance of Machinery for manufacture of solid propellant (valued more than 80 Crores) mainly consisting of unloading of aluminum powder & other raw materials, transportation of the same using forklifts/stackers etc., grinding of all raw materials, sieving & screening upto the required size, mixing and drying of all raw materials using rotary vacuum dryer etc., casting using imported casting equipment, repair of any Plant/Machinery aiming at minimal breakdown time.

  • Operation and maintenance of facilities and equipments in ACC/ RVS/ CANISTER facilities, ASL along with standby DG set 20KVA.
  • O&M contract for composition Diffusion Lab consisting of environmental chambers, DG sets along with battery banks at ASL, Hyderabad.
  • Job contract for moulding of composites, assembly of moulds including vacuum bagging.
  • Annual O&M of Compressor at VTF HTF
  • AMC for manning operation and maintenance of pump houses at ARCI, Balapur village, Hyderabad
  • We have done annual manpower contract at HEMRL, Pune.
  • We have done annual manpower contract at ACEM, Nasik.
  • We are doing annual manpower/maintenance contract at Midhani, Hyderabad (Multiple Contracts).
  • AMC of pantry cars for SCR(South Central Railways)
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